Münster - Bremen - Christmas Eve Scenario

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Münster - Bremen - Christmas Eve Scenario
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On-call duty for Christmas Eve. Bad weather outside and at 3 in the afternoon the dispatcher actually calls: The Münster freight bypass has been blocked since yesterday by an unfortunate derailed locomotive, Münster Gbf is full and a train that has been there since yesterday has to be taken to Hörne and then the locomotive to Osnabrück. To Osnabrück? It's not that far. Yes, if you were the only train on the line. But there are many others laboriously working their way north. The fog allows a signal visibility of 300m, so full concentration is called for, at 250m is the 500Hz magnet! Finally, mulled wine and bratwurst at the Osnabrück depot. 90 minutes on the (fortunately heated) electric locomotive.

In two versions: with 145.2 (from Münster - Bremen) or with virtual Railroads 140 Expert Line.

Requires the 3D train freight car package (also here in the shop) and for the second variant vR 140 Expert Line.

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