Muenster-Bremen - Bundle

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Muenster-Bremen - Bundle
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The Münster-Bremen line is part of the Rollbahn from the Ruhr area to Hamburg. The Train Simulator classic add-on includes:

  •     170 km of double-track, electrified main line,
  •     828 km total track length,
  •     elevated curves,
  •     true-to-the-original 3D catenary,
  •     32 stations/stops faithful to the original,
  •     Rolling stock: electric locomotive 145 ExpertLine, ICE1,
  •     IC coaches and RE160 double-decker coaches (with destination displays matching the route) from TTB,
  •     2688 different 3D-models, 5794 textures,
  •     own 3D vegetation,
  •     true-to-the-original landscape replication,
  •     enchanting night effects,
  •     6 scenarios plus QD scenarios.
  •     Additionally Scenariopack "Mighty Rollbahn Freight",
  •     Additionally two Christmas scenarios - thus a price reduction of 41%.

The following requirements must be met for the add-on:

PC with Windows with 64-bit Windows version running Train Simulator classic, European Loco & Asset Pack. For the Christmas scenarios, the 3D Train Freight Car Pack (also available here in the shop) is required.

Train Simulator 2022 installed. The PC used should have at least 8 GB main memory. For the safe functioning of all scenarios, Train Simulator should be operated in 64-bit mode.

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