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virtualTracks produces high quality train simulation add-ons. Inside the shop you'll find products made by Jan Bleiss and of his partners. Jan Bleiss produces add-ons for flight and train siulation since 1991. Since 2010 he creates add-ons for Train Simulator by RSC/DTG.

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Product no.: vT18-10

The route Münster-Bremen is part of the famous Rollbahn from Ruhr area to Hamburg in Germany. The Train Simulator 2019 add-on includes:

170 km double-track, electrified main line with:

  • 828 km  track length,
  • Curve super elevation,
  • 3D catenary,
  • 32 stations/stops faithfully modelled on the original.
  • Rolling stock: E-Lok 145 ExpertLine, ICE1,
  • IC car and RE160-double decker car by TTB (with matching station display devices),
  • 2688 different 3D-models, 5794 textures,
  • Own 3D vegetation,
  • Faithful scenery replica,
  • Enchanting night effects,
  • 6 scenarios plus QD scenarios

For the add-on, the following conditions must be met:

64-bit-PC with 64-bit-Windows on Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 works on the Train Simulator 2019.

Installed Train Simulator 2019.

The computer should have at least 8 GB of memory.


34.95 *
Product no.: vT15-06
  • Add-on for Train Simulator 2016 by DTG
  • 195 km double-track, electrified main line with
  • curve superelevation,
  • 3D catenary,
  • 46 stations/stops faithfully modelled on the original.
  • 18 km S-Bahn Berlin with AI-rolling of TTB.
  • IC car and RE160-double decker car by TTB,
  • Leipzig subnet tram (lines 1, 9, 16) with T4Dmod-Leipzig as AI,
  • 2600 different 3D models,
  • own 3D vegetation,
  • faithful scenery replica,
  • enchanting night effects,
  • 9 scenarios plus QD scenarios.
29.95 *
Product no.: vT17-07

“Mighty Seddin Freight” is an add-on for Train Simulator 2017 route Berlin - Leipzig. The Add-on includes 38 km of main line beginning in Genshagener Heide via Saarmund, Michendorf to the huge yards of Seddin/Seddin South. On the other side it adds the route from Selchow section to the old “Airport Berlin-Schoenefeld” station. The add-on includes the DB class 232 by virtualRailroads (Railion and Verkehrsrot livery). This loco is used in all scenarios.

Add-on Berlin-Leipzig (version 1.03) is required.

Customers who have bought "Seddin Freight Yard" in this shop get 30% off automatically.

19.95 *
Product no.: vT17-08

10 scenarios using the Traffic Package Freight Cars by 3DZug. The add-on needs the following software: "Mighty Seddin Freight" (in this shop) and  Traffic Package Freight Cars (availlable in this shop too). You'll have about 15 hours of driving fun with that package. The freeware "Städteexpress" from www.3DZug.de is part of the installer. The scenarios are named:

  • 1a - Standby Duty
  • 2a - Standby Duty (part 2)
  • 3a - Container to Mockau
  • 4a - Oil for the Capital
  • 5a - Gravel from Teltow
  • 6a - Storm Front passing
  • 7a - It never happens, what you expect
  • 8a - Happy End
  • 9a - Blizzard
  • 10a - nostalgia express

Scenario 1 to 6 are made from the original scenarios but with the 3DZug cars and some changes in execution.

9.49 *
Product no.: vT19-11

A scenario package for the add-on Münster-Bremen. 10 scenarios + 2 bonus scenarios with a total travel time of 15 hours and 40 minutes in three seasons, partly designed according to original timetables, show different facets of the operation on this section of the famous "Rollbahn".

The two bonus scenarios fix the error in the original scenario 1 of the add-on Münster-Bremen, which forces the train in Lengerich on track 2. The first in the original version with ICE1, the second with vR 101 EL.


DTG Train Simulator 2019 in 64-bit mode!

Add-on Münster - Bremen for TS2019 (vT18-10)

Add-on 3D train freight car package (vT17-09)


virtualRailroads Series 101 expert line

virtualRailroads Series 140 expert line

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